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. >>> bad news for b.a.r.t riders. why you might want to change your commute if possible because it could save you money. >>> optimism from the white house but still no deal. what the republicans are demanding now to avert the fiscal cliff. >>> and, remembering the day that will live in infamy. the ceremonies remembering the attack on pearl harbor 71 years ago today. ,,,,,,,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. have to shell out more to re bart...even before you get n board. the price for parking has as been reasonable at bart stations. from free, to 5 bucks max. but that all could change very soon. cbs 5 reporter da lin with w bart riders have a say in te matter. da. reporter intro: this san leo bart parking lot fills up ey morningâ for busy stations like this one in the east b, some bart officials want to >>> now at 6:30, it's c
from the altamont pass towards 680 but the nimitz and westbound 24 both fine. bart on time and a quick check. bay bridge. it looks like the fastrak lanes, the middle lanes are still getting by okay but check out the cash lanes. we are seeing delays beyond the first overcrossing >>> they are not done yet. the highest tides of the year are washing over california coastlines today. the so-called king tides submerged beaches all along the shoreline yesterday. in some spots, the water rushed right into town. the tides hit their peak yesterday around mid-morning. some areas the water rose by just a couple of inches but others it was up by several feet. we found a business this mill valley scrambling to stack sandbags around their building. >> it's been coming in incredibly fast. it looked like it was filling up a bathtub. >> it's amazing and coming up really high. >> bill hudson sent us this video from redwood city about an hour after high tide. and even then, the water levels were as high as the butchers of several suvs. take a look. the same thing is happening in southern california drive
. >> some bart station hot spots for criminals especially during the holiday season. allen reports now from the west he can land part station where armed escorts are walking passengers to the cars tonight. >> incense man see as lot at the west oakland bart station selling his goods. >> patient just walked off thought she was safe and going to her car and guy ran by grabbed her stuff and took off running. >>reporter: more of the crimes happen around the holiday. especially with bart passengers returning home after day of shopping tonight bart and oakland police private security guards and sentence volunteers are offering free nighttime escorts for passengers walking to their cars. michelle took advantage of it. >> holiday season so people are really amped up trying to get ready for the hotel difficult and do any way they can. so better to be safe than sorry, the large scale program is just for one night. bart says it provides assistance year-round. >> any time bart customer would lick an escort to the car all they have to dies ask the station agent or they can telephone bart police. >> m
will be free after 7 -- 2:15, new year's day, vta rides will be free after 7:00 p.m. trains on b.a.r.t. will run extended service until 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. in order to avoid congestion, trains will not be stopping at all of the stations in folks. pittsburg bay point will stop at the montgomery aftermidnight, the dublin pleasanton line will stop at the embarcadero. the daly city millbrae will stop at all san francisco stations. if you are coming to the trains, go to the right station. b.a.r.t. will be running extra long lanes every 20 minutes -- long trains every 0 minutes. we know how -- every 20 minutes. pack your patience. there are a lot of people who don't want to worry about designated drivers and parking in the city tonight. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:07. if you are starting early, you may need a few extra minutes to warm up the car. it was really chilly. tara's bag. had some problems with the icy roads in the east bay. >> that's right. up in the north bay we have some slick roads and in orinda, we had this rollover crash. this is san pablo at bear creek road
. allie rasmus is live to explain how bart and muni are preparing for the big crowd and changes to some routes. >> reporter: and other agencies as well. first of all tens of thousands of people come to the embarcadero for the fire works show. and there are other parties going on in the city. is a lot of people will not want to take their cars. bay area transit agencies are making it easier for them to leave their cars behind by offering free rides in some cases and extended service. starting with bart. bart you will still have to pay for your tickets but their trains will be running late tonight until 3:00 a.m. tuesday morning. but in order to avoid congestion, trains will not be stopping at all the stations. keep this in mind if you are riding the pepper bay point train it will stop at the embarcadero station. make sure you go to the right place to catch your ride home. muni is also extending service at the west portal and embarcadero stations. muni will run until 4:00 a.m. new years day. and fourth and king muni will run until 2:15 a.m.. muni will be free for riders starting from 8:00
were the problems again? >> the -- are in poor condition. >> bart elevators. are in poor condition. >> who is they? >> the bart elevators. >> wonderful. >> this has been a matter of discussion for us. we are happy to have you come and speak about it. >> we are asking people who ride bart to keep a log of the experience for the period of november and december. i've passed out my -- business cards for any of you who want more information. and if one of the members of the council wants to be contacted please contact me by e-mail. we are excited about collaborating with the council and i've also contacted the people on the berkley commission. if we can all work this together, hopefully we'll get bart to take action. thank you. >> that's wonderful. thank you ms. jacobs. to confirm with staff i believe we distributed on e-mail, reflecting ms. jacobson's. for those of you who have visual challenges, have you accessed as well? we look forward to working with you as well. good to see you. we are joined next by mr. polson. i heard this is your last meeting, you're going to hawaii, good luc
to be true. >>> if you are using bart to do a little holiday shopping, be aware thieves are targeting you. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the westfield shopping center in san francisco this morning and cate, we know bart knows about the problems. are they doing anything? that's the question. >> reporter: yes, they are, frank. they actually are launching a safety campaign just to make sure you are better protected during this holiday season. and that's because bart says that crimes are on the rise at the oakland and san francisco stations during this holiday season. last night bart partnered with oakland police, private and volunteer security guards. shoppers were offered escorts to their cars at the west oakland station. now, bart riders told us they have encountered some brazen attacks in the past. >> i was ambushed by two men. they had pointed a gun at me, took my stuff and pistol- whipped me in the face. >> reporter: the most common crime at bart stations, cell phone theft. police say riders should stop texting and pay attention to their surroundings. now, for oakland stations last
the speed and drinking. >>> if you are using bart for holiday shopping thieves are targeting you. police say crimes increase around the stations in oakland and san francisco during the holiday season. last night bart oakland police private and volunteer security guards escorted passengers to their cars. bart will also increase security through the end of the month. >> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me, asked -- took my stuff and pistol- whipped me in t face. >> most common is cell phone theft. police say riders should pay attention to their surroundings. >>> layoffs and red tape are causing oakland police to make fewer traffic stops down by 75% from a couple of years ago. officers have made fewer than 16,000 stops this year down from 68,000 back in 2009. police point to layoffs and staffing shortages that put lower priority items on the back burner. some officers also complain that the paperwork process is a deterrent because it is complicated and very time- consuming. >>> other bay area headlines on this friday now. frederick dozier is expected to be sentenced today. he w
from 8:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning. cal tran free after 11:00. bart also offering extended service until 3:00 in the morning. definitely don't drink and drive you have no excuse. let's take a look at highway 4. you can see the headlights are westbound traffic toward concord and up to 680. we have quite a bit more folks on the roadways. we don't have any delays to speak of and we don't expect the metering lights to go on. 680 near the sunol grade you can see traffic there looking good. 6:09. steve. >>> tara. >> you have any words you want to band for 2013? >> no. but right now you're trending. >> i don't know what that means. >> you're popular. mostly fair. a cold morning. i think about the same tomorrow. the pattern is changing. after a very, very active november-december rain wise cold. it looks like we are going quiet for awhile. maybe the first couple weeks of january. there is really not much in the way of rain. part goes south. part goes north. although every system including last friday night and saturday morning did produce rain. 29 santa rosa. 49 oakland. 43 san fra
their cars. the cost. construction materials. labor costs. but >>> when an agency like bart launches a major project, any number of things can drive up the cost. but the extension toward san jose has hit a unique program: birds. and a lot of them! the price tag has soared into the millions of dollars. >> we had a sense of what we were going to get into, but we didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> reporter: who could imagine that red tailed hawks, house finches and doves could be so stubborn? 550 acres of prime nest aring area is along the -- nesting area is along the pacific highway. >> during the peak of construction in 2011, it was just -- i thought we were at war with birds. it was like the movie "birds." they were coming out of everywhere. >> reporter: something had to give. it was not going to be the birds. one morning, they tried 11 times in one day to build their nest. bart tried making the areas unappealing. >> we tried sprinklers, we tried reflective tape, ribbons everywhere waldo canyon firy tried what we -- reflective tape everywhere. >> reporter: but once the nest had eggs i
were at war with birds. it was like the movie. >> reporter: bart is in the middle of building its warm springs extension. something had to give. it was not going to be the birds. one morning dove pair tried 11 times in one day to build their nest. bart tried to make the areas unappealing. >> we tried sprinklers, reflective tape, ribbons, what we call air dancers that you see at used car lots that are run on compressed air. >> reporter: once a nest had eggs in it the work crews were stopped in their tracks. bart thought it would cost about $99,000. it ended up costing them $5 million. about $17,000 a nest. >> going way beyond what you would consider a practical use of protection to the environment. >> reporter: bart says it would have cost them more if the project had been delayed or they violated wildlife protection laws. if the birds continue to pose a problem bart is going to have to continue to pay to accommodate these birds. in freemont, ann. >> talk about a wakeup call. a tree crashes through a bay area bedroom. what the ohm homeowner did just two days ago that probably saved his
and time-consuming. >>> bay area shoppers got some unusual protection today. special escorts at a bart station. cbs reporter explains why some people are asking, what's the point? >> reporter: tis the season for stealing. tanto knows first hand. >> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me, took my stuff and pistol whipped me in the face. >> reporter: it's been happening more frequently at bart stations, especially to riders saddled with shopping bags. >> they're noticing that you're not watching them, so they're going to take that opportunity to take that property from you. >> reporter: police say the most common crime on bart is cell phone thefts. >> we want you to be prepared and be ready. >> reporter: to bart police, oakland police and community volunteers spent four hours here at bart, escorting drivers to their cars and educating them about how not to become a victim. >> to do it once is kind of a waste of time. if you're going to rob someone, you just wait until the police leave. >> is it effective to do it over one day? >> we wish we could do it longer. unfortunately,
if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the collision. >>pam: bart is now considering charging you more money to park at its lots. kron 4's justine waldman tells us how much and what you can do to try and stop >> when parking rates went up at the daly city bart station in 2010, from 2 to 3 dollars a day. people stopped parking there. so bart brought the price back down. now bart is considering raising the rates at all its parking lots, by charging more for spaces based on demand. a full lot would cost more, >> i would not want to pay more. >> i do not want to see the rates go up. the increase could be as little as 50- cents. bart did have a budget surplus this year, those extra dollars went to fixing seats and adding air conditioning on the trains. bart wants to use the extra parking money to maintain the lots. with renovations and affording security. >> they could increase security. that would be nice. "i was mugged once more security would be nice" >> the question is. will an increase in parking turn >> "you lose the motivation. cheaper to park." >> "bart wants to hear from riders about rai
to city college and currently go to state. i bike, i walk, i use muni and bart. i sit on a few boards. i sit on the ocean avenue community benefit district board. i also sit on the board for the powerhouse, which is a ten-year-old non-profit struggling to turn a beautiful historic victorian building if any art hub for the community. four years ago i suggested at a better neighborhoods meeting to establish the balboa park station plan that this cac be formed and tom radulovich, the bart director and the supervisor loved the idea and john implemented it and i have been guarding it and encouraging it since. and i would very much like to be part of it. i'm also here to take on behalf of nicole agbayani, who is the corridor manager for excelsior group who would make a great addition to the board. she is educated. she is working the excelsior to better businesses, make it a safer place. i think that is all i have to say. thank you. >> thank you so much. next on the list we have veronica garcia, who we actually heard at our last rules committee meeting. and next we have nicole agbayani. i thin
-57. while gas prices are going down. bart is considering charging riders more to park at it's lots. but before that happens, the transit agency wants your input. kron4's justine waldman has the story. >> when parking rates went up at the daly city bart station in 2010, from 2 to 3 dollars a day. people stopped parking there. so bart brought the price back down. now bart is considering raising the rates at all its parking lots, by charging more for spaces based on demand. a full lot would cost more, an empty lot less. >> "there is no way i am paying more" >> "everything costs more these days" >> the increase could be as little as 50-cents. bart did have a budget surplus this year, those extra dollars went to fixing seats and adding air conditioning on the trains. bart wants to use the extra parking money to maintain the lots. with renovations and affording security. >> "i was mugged once more security would be nice" topthe question is. will an increase in parking turn riders off. again? promotec >> "you lose the motivation. cheaper to park." "bart wants to hear from riders about rai
, freitas parkway on to north san pedro road past civic center, golden gate bridge no problems bart having a delay due to unscheduled track repairs at pleasant hill pittsburg bay point line, both directions 10 to 15 minutes no other mass transit problems. oakland high street on-ramp vehicle vs. pedestrian, crews on scene. >>> still ahead, san francisco police sergeant in hot water for a joyriding video that got a lot of attention online. >>> they've done what many thought they never could. warriors take down defending champions and king james. >>> welcome back. just about everyday but today and sunday have a chance of wet weather. you need to be prepared for that if you are traveling around today, most of the states dry now. -- chance of rain in southern california doppler picking up some of that wet weather and snow showers in the sierra. >>> -- 6:25. you are -- we are talking the warriors after they beat the defending nba champion last night the miami heat. 97-95 win over the heat. warriors fifth road win in a row the most since 1978. best record since the 91/92 campaign. >>> the numbers
. in other bay area news. bart riders may have to prepare to pay more. bart is now considering charging you more money to park at its lots. kron 4's justine waldman tells us how much, and what you can do to try and stop the increase from happening. paying more for parking at bart stations is a possiblity. bart wants to raise the rates based on demand. if lots are full, you'd pay more. if there are open spots. you could pay less money. bart wants the extra revune so it can keep fares down, repair the lots and afford security. some riders aren't buying it. >> i think it is ridiculous. >> it is still a quarter. it will be adding up. justine waldman kron 4 there would like to hear from you and the posted a survey justin waldman, kron 4ahead at eight. it is $5 and west oakland. $2 per day on the peninsula, daly city, colma san bruno, south san francisco and the six stations are free to your self hayward, he roared, coliseum, richmond, concord, north concord. all other bart stations and there are 33. south-bay word are free and regular hayward and south hayward is free. >>jacquelin
up. >> a lot of mass transit on a holiday schedule on this new year's eve morning. bart even offering extended service tonight. we'll have much more on your traffic coming up. >>> good morning, it's monday, december 31st. it's new year's eve. i'm mig. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:01 now. 16 hours and counting. the fiscal negotiations are coming downright to the last hour. >> cbs reporter danielle nottingham joins us live from d.c. where the house is set to reconvene in just about an hour. good morning. >>> reporter: vice president joe biden is in on the negotiations. mitch mcconnell asked him to help out after talks stalled. with hours to go it's hard to tell if lawmakers will be able to agree to a watered down deal. lawmakers left the capital sunday night without a deal in place. but leaders from both parties expressed their willingness to continue working. >> there's still significant difference between the two sides but negotiations continue. >> he want everyone to know i'm willing to get it done but i need a dance partner. >> reporter: some progress was m
. >> he was on an afternoon walk with his owner, bart the dog wandered away and fell through the eyes on lake erie. >> his two front paws captain from sinking in. >> if lay eicher waited in to the icy water finally reached bart who spent an hour and a half in the frigid water. >> let's tell them clothes before they were rescued. >> it broke and i fell in, and i was really about three and a half foot deep. >> i was talking to him, i try to keep him warm. i try to rub them and get trying to get some blood flowing through his body. >> animal control officials say at the scene aside from being co, bart is not hot in bay area sports david faled completed 33 of 43 passes for 395 yds and two touchdowns as no. 24 san jose state completed a comeback season with the win over bowling green in the military vote. >> the spartans finished 11- 2 in our national rankings for the first and deciding 75. >> the cap the with the seven game winning streak for the first 11 win season since 1940, a remarkable turnaround for the program that was 1-12 just two years ago led colorado to hire away coach might m
in the south bay, with 660 customers affected in san francisco. >>> just ahead, b.a.r.t. service grinds to a halt. passengers unable to reach their destination. >> stormy driving conditions >> ama: check this out. here's proof the storm caused some treacherous driving conditions this morning. crews had to bling a tow truck to righten an overturned big rig in the eastbound lanes of the richmond san rafael bridge. despite being precariously perched on the edge of the rig, the truck driver was able to get out. >>> today bears bears shutdown service system-wide twice. it's unclear whether the weather was a factor. b.a.r.t. said the snarl system went down. b.a.r.t. says due to safety concerns it shut down all service for an hour just after nine this morning. then a similar delay happened at 2:00 this afternoon. that outage lasted 20 minutes. passengers did their best to cope. >> two hours i been trying to get to oakland. not cool. not cool. >> ama: b.a.r.t. technicians continue to investigate the cause of the power system failure. >>> home owners in the east bay are assessing the damage toni
attorneys will argue before the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco that bart police officers should not receive legal immunity. last year a federal judge ruled to let the suit go forward but the officers appealed that ruling to the ninth circuit court. >>> this is day seven of a strike by clerical workers. contract talks between the workers and shippers at the ports of los angeles and long beach have resumed. the walk out by the clerk has dramatically slowed activity at the ports. dock workers are refusing to cross the picket lines. >>> oak 4:36 now. much quieter than what it was last week. let's go to tara with a first look at our traffic. >> hopefully it stays that way. we have nothing major to report. we do have flooding down in san jose area. the chp hasn't said exactly where that is. right now we will take a live look at the east shore freeway you can see the headlights there are southbound or westbound i should say as you make your way toward the mccarthur maze and on to the bay bridge. and at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the traffic is moving nicely. down in s
was arrested near the fruitvale bart station where police say surveillance cameras captured him last tuesday the same night the girl disappeared. he took her to his home and repeatedly raped her. she escaped on thursday and spotted by a hewn know operator. >> this is by far one of the most sickening cases i have seen in my career. that someone can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> investigators say the 16- year-old girl has the mental capacity of a second grader. the kidnapping happened after she walked away from the fred finch youth center where she lives. the state is investigating whether the staff acted appropriately. >>> for the first time in nine days the ports of los angeles and long beach will be open for business again. just hours after los angeles mayor escorted federal mediators into talks. the two sides reached a deal. mediators say the two sides were close to reaching a deal on their own. dock workers refused to cross picket lines and that shut down the countries largest port complex. >>> the on again, off again pro program to provide free muni passes is on again. mu
la bahia. take vo ---enterese quienes podrian conseguir un empleo en poco tiempo con bart.. segment ends cesar ---esta noche hay excelentes noticias para la comunidad jalisciense del norte de california... ya que fue inaugurado un punto de encuentro en donde podran reunirse y recibir ayuda... ---veamos. 0:01 0:10 0:38 take nat 0:11 ---un pedazo de jalisco en el corazon del silicon valley... eso representa para los jaliscienses la recien inaugurada casa jalisco en san jose... take sotfernando fonseca 10:35..."ofrecera servicios como registro civil, intercambio de cultura, educacion, vamos a tener clases de musica baile y un enlace con el gobierno del estado de jalisco para la comunidad"... 10:52 ---esta es la tercera casa jalisco que se inaugura en estados unidos, las otras dos se encuentran en chicago y los angeles... ---el proyecto tuvo una inversion inicial de 85 mil dolares, dinero proveniente del gobierno de jalisco... take sot miguel garcia 3:00... "jalisco es el silicon valley de mexico y guadalajara, la zona metropolitana, es el corazon de eso" 3:06 ---segun cifras en poder d
at a bart station. why some people are asking what's the point. >> reporter: 'tis the season for stealing. he was on his way to the west oakland bart station a few weeks ago when suddenly. >> i was ambushed by two men. they pointed a gun at me. took my stuff and pistol whipped me in the face. >> reporter: it's been happening more frequently at bart stations this holiday season. especially to riders saturday thed with shopping bags. glare watching you and noticing you're not watching them. they're going to take that opportunity to take that property from you. >> reporter: the most common crime, cell phone theft. >> we want you to be prepared and ready. >> reporter: so oakland police, bart police and community volunteers spent four hours for one day only escorting riders to their cars and educating them about how not to become a victim. >> to do is once is a waste of time. if you're going to rob someone, wait till the police leave. >> reporter: is it effective to do it over one day? >> we wish we could do it longer. unfortunately we don't have the resources to sustain that. >> reporter: aut
. police are investigating a shooting at the pittsburg-bay point bart station. now, bart authorities say they got the first call just before 7:00 tonight. they found the victim in the parking lot. he was taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek with life-threatening injuries. bart police have not released any information on the victim or possible suspects. the shooting investigation caused major delays for bart riders. >>> crime in oakland is out of control. but tonight, health is on the way. a former big city police chief has been hired to offer the city some solutions. cbs 5 reporter linda yee on the man who brings coast-to-coast credibility. >> reporter: 127 homicides in oakland so far this year. the highest in five years. some people are afraid to just go out. >> i work in east oakland. and it's really scary going to work and coming out every day. >> reporter: the mayor and the police chief agree. crime is out of control. >> we have to try something different. >> reporter: that something new comes in form of a $250,000 consultant to the police department, legendary lawman bi
>> a bart station.shut down for a time tonight.while police search for a shooting suspect. plus.a driver takes down a fence, then runs from police. that parolee is also on the run from police tonight. those stories and your holiday weekend forecast, next. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> and iftonight. police are still looking for a parolee on the run in bay point. video from sky 7 shows the aftermath in a residential neighborhood. police say it all started when officers tried to pull the parolee over for a routine
-- horrific accident here. >>> the search is on for whoever critically wounded a man in a bart station. he was shot around 6:50 last night. he was taken to gonomery hospital with life threatening injuries. bart service was interrupted while police searched the station but they did not find the shooter. >>> a few hours later bart trains were held because of a report a man with a gun. police say the reports were not related to the earlier shootings. nothing was found and bart service resumed a short time later. >>> the district attorney's office is investigating two separate police shootings. the first happened last night on san pablo avenue. officers say they were confronted by a male suspect shortly after 6:30 p.m.. that's when police opened fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital. no word on his condition. no officers were hurt. >>> we are learning more about the walnut creek police shooting we fist reported about yesterday. two officers responded to a 911 call from an apartment. the dispatcher heard screaming in the background. they found the suspect armed with a weapon. they had no
something a nightmare. >> i would -- parking is a nightmare. >> i would say b.a.r.t. >> reporter: caltrain and sam transwill have free rides after 11:00 tonight and the last caltrain line will heave san francisco at 2:15. in san jose, vta is also free after 7. on party you will have to pay for your ticket. the trains will run until 3:00 a.m. partygoers say the free rides and extended hours are a much appreciated public service. >> it keeps drunk drivers off the roads. people safe. >> reporter: now, not all of the b.a.r.t. trains will be stopping at all of the san francisco stations. the pittsburg bay point train will stop at montgomery. the dublin pleasanton lines will stop at embarcadero. that's to relieve congestion. so make sure you are in the right spot to catch your train to go home. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. >>> some san francisco police officers will be working overtime tonight. they are working with the fire department, the department of public health, the mta and the chp to keep revelers safe. two pieces of advice the department has -- take public tra
. more on that, coming up. >> bart authorities are warning robberies are on the rise nationwide. including this one in oakland which was caught on camera. and the royal baby watch continues. first public appearance since leaving a london hospital earlier this month. that story, coming up next! >> off >>authorities have identified john fanene as the california highway patrol officer who was killed in an off duty motorcylce accident near fairfield on saturday. authorities say that fanene was traveling on his motorcylce along highway twelve when a pickup truck turned in front of him. the impact threw fanene off his motorcycle and into oncomming traffic. where he police in oakland arrested trevel thomas for snatching a cellphone from an unsuspecting bart rider at the 12th street oakland city center bart station last tuesday. bart police arrested thomas at the powell street bart station shortly after the incident. you are looking at video taken from three security cameras that caught thomas in the act. according to bart police thomas confessed to the crime and was booked at the glen
at bart. >>> bay area animal shelters overcrowd and had overwhelmed. >> she's been here since september 26th. >> are some irresistible faces and a little extra incentives add up to homes for hundreds of animals. >> kt vur channel 2 news at 5:00 is all about conch. we invite you to watch ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 every day. complete bay area news coverage ! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. . >>> in san jose, two people accused in a crime spree appeared in court together today for the first time. 26 yoerld jonathan willbanks and his alleged accomplice, 15-year-old mull droe did not enter pleas. mull droe is being charged as an adult. the two are accused in a series of armed robberies the attempted murder of a police officer and the fatal shooting of a campbell man. >> it's very typical in a case like this where there's a potential life sentence. took a long time to get all the necessary materials turned over to the defense. >> the victi
. >>> pesky birds have been a thorn in the sign for bart's new extension to silicon valley. and shooing them away has cost taxpayers millions of dollars. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo explains saving birds turned out to be a projector much larger than expected. >> reporter: the bart board of directors is expected to approve the $5 million price tag for overtime and equipment. the cost of either shooing these birds away or protecting the ones that decided to stay. >> we had a sense of what we were going to get into, but we didn't really understand how -- the magnitude of it. >> reporter: who could have imagined that red-tailed hawks, house finches and morning doves could be so stubborn. there are prime nesting acres along the pacific flyway and a favorite nesting spot for 500 protected species. >> during the peak of construction in 2011, it was just -- i thought we were at war with birds. it was like the movi "birds." they were everywhere. >> reporter: bart is building the warm springs extension near lake elizabeth and something had to give, not the birds. one morning dove pair tried 11 time
is covered in mud. school officials have not decided when the classes will resume. b.a.r.t. is running on time and on schedule. but yesterday, there were two power failures that shut down service. the first one was 9:15. the electrical failure halted b.a.r.t. service and prevented b.a.r.t. from communicating passengers. they were sending updates through twitter. the power was restored about an hour later. then a second power outage hit around 2:00 in the afternoon. but the power was restored in about 15 minutes. b.a.r.t. says they are not sure if that problem was caused by the big storm. now, we have complete stormwatch coverage online for you. on the stormwatch tab of , you can find video and our stormtracker2. on the photos tab, check out the viewers' pictures of the storm damage all over the bay area. >> there were a lot of traumatic pictures. >> yes. >> a lot of damage. >>> 7:11. sharpen those pencils. the school day about to get a who lot longer -- is about to get a lot longer for some students. >>> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him and i said, you can't be serious. >
grant was shot and killed by bart police officer johan necessary mehserle on the platform of the fruitvale bart station. this morning at 9:00 if two oakland civil rights attorneys will be arguing for the ninth circuit court of appeals. arguing bart police officers should not receive legal immunity against a civil lawsuit filed by grant's family. last year a federal judge ruled to allow the lawsuit to move ahead. the police officers appealed that ruling to the ninth circuit court. >>> this is a seventh day of a strike at the nation's busiest port. clerical workers at the ports of los angeles and long beach set up picket lines last tuesday. they have been trying to negotiate a new contract for 2.5 years. they are also claiming their jobs are being outsourced out of the state and across the pacific ocean. now officials at the port deny that charge. the list of the dock workers are not crossing the picket lines and say the strike is costing the port as much as $1 billion every day. >>> major development on treasure island is moving forward. they now have until the end of the m
. bart board of directors approved new hiring policy giving military vets press -- preference in the hiring process. starting january 1st the policy will give candidates 5% chance overcome . bart says those eligible must have at 181 days of active status and honorably discharged. >>> starting this morning wells fargo will begin granting $20,000 to east bay home owners who qualify for down payment assistance. part of a settle with the justice department. wells fargo offering five millions in assistance in areas most impacted by the housing crisis, to see if you qualify stop by the oakland convention center marriott hotel on broadway the two-day event runs from 10 to 7, today and tomorrow. >>> weather for those events should be fine, dry and we are going to start to warm up. this morning it is hard to believe. >> kind of chilly out there this morning, even cold. >>> absolutely, once those clouds left, it left a blanket therefore, the temperatures dropped like a rock there's so much moisture operate ground without the clouds that moisture escaped the ground now creating thick fog
in a moment with a new bart delay. >>> facebook has helped the fbi crack a massive global hacking ring the hackers used malware to get credit card numbers steal them and bank details in one of the largest cyber crime hauls in history. the security team identified the accounts and provided tools to remove the threats 11 million computers were affected more than 8 million dollars in losses, 10 arrest and the suspects are from the u.s., britain, bosnia, croatia, new zealand and peru. >>> if you work in san francisco or oakland you may be eligible to earn a free college degree. free undergraduate degrees in business books and materials are included. including to university now anyone working in san francisco, oakland or sacramento will be accepted as long as their employers make a few wishing donation of any amount. >>> -- donation of any amount. >>> fatal accident on san mateo -- [ inaudible ] >>> i'm not sure they will headache that 5:30 deadline. you can see blinking lights emergency crews on the portion of the san mateo bridge blocking right lane westbound due to fatal accident before
on public transportation during the holidays and bart police say they want to help. ken bastida is at the west oakland bart station where police unveiled their plan today. ken. >> reporter: yeah, elizabeth. it's pretty comprehensive. you can see the information inside the station. every passenger that gets off the train is being talked to by these volunteers by the oakland police department and by the bart police. what they are telling them is watch out. this is the time of the year when robberies occur. the biggest problem is people who are getting their cell phones ripped off and their computers ripped off while they are on the trains. there is a group of thieves going around and what they do is they sit on the train and when it pulls up to the station, they will wait until the doors open then grab your stuff, your backpack, whatever, right out of your hands and run out the door. it's been happening. people have been getting hurt, as well. we talked to one gentleman tonight ferdinand, who says he was attacked just a block from this bart station and almost lost his life. >> i w
at the pittsburgh bay. bart station. >> this was a scene in the parking lot or the shooting happened. police received reports of the shooting as before 7:00 last night. the victim was transported to john muir medical center with life-threatening injuries that needed surgery. >> police have not yet located the gunman. >> service was stopped last tie for about 45 minutes office make sure the shooter was not getting away on the bart train. >> bart trains also held in concord at reports of a man with a gun at the station. >> the police acted because ms. delays last night on the pittsburgh bay. live in both the san francisco and pittsburgh directions. >> this report for unrelated to the earlier shooting at the pittsburgh station. service is expected to run regularly to day. >> police shooting in cam count back here in the bay area. please convey. are continuing to investigate a car crash involving a known police role e. >> police say all started with officers tried to pull them over during a traffic stop. >> that is when they say he took off and ran his car into a sense. >> video from sky 7 h d s
at vendor sites at bart stations. i'm not sure there's actually, besides linking that clipper card to my visa card whether there's actual understanding that i am the owner of that clipper card. so how many people actually is the program able to identify a particular card with a particular person? >> so this is a clipper card here. the information on this card is essentially the serial number of the card and it has your last 10 transactions on it so if you used it to ride bart or used it to ride muni, the last 10 are on there. in order to calculate your discounts if you need them, other than that, there's no information on the card other than, again, the loading in the pass -- so if you put $10 on it or put a fare on it, it has that. but your personal information is separate and is at a customer service center that is far away and not linked to your card. no one can get anything from your card even if these devices which are being introduced scan it. your information resides in a customer center station. so the customer service which is privately contracted out, is really the only p
into the channel 2 newsroom of a bart station closure. bart officials say the dublin pleasanton station is closed due to an equipment problem at the station. dublin trains will not travel past west dublin station. so this is causing delays for passengers heading east on dublin trains. >>> the police officers who rescued a newborn baby in san francisco are speaking out today. both the child and mother were taken to the hospital. ktvualle rasmus has more on how the police are describing their experience. >> reporter: the police officers are calling it a traumatic experience because the newborn baby almost did not survive but because of their quick response and the knowledge of cpr, the baby is in stable condition. the officer's here at the baby station got a standing ovation for their actions. [ applause ] >> reporter: that's officer matt clout on the left and steve grinch on the right and they responded to a call about a newborn baby in distress early wednesday morning in the air of third and mckinen. they found the infant outside wrapped up in a blanket. he was in the arms of a man believed to be
and light rail will be free between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. and bart will extend its service until 3 a.m. but no free rides. >>> beautiful, isn't it? auckland, new zealand has rung in the new year. the party goes around the globe and ends in the united states. >> i know where you'll be at midnight in the bay area. you'll be in bed. >> with medicine. doesn't i sound wonderful? >> you want to experience the bay area in all its fullest? ride bart after midnight. what a time-out that will be. i have heard some stories. folks around the bay area today, we have seen a few clouds sweeping through a little chilly out the door on this last day of 2012. you can see an approaching cold front sliding in our direction but high pressure out ahead of the system and this system is going to weaken as it approaches the coast. looks like things will settle down. outside now, though, we are looking at those temperatures on the chilly side. 33 degrees in concord just about freezing. it's 33 in livermore, too. 41 in san francisco and 34 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, kind of a cool day outside. expect
-old man is in critical condition this morning after being shot several times at the pittsburg bay. bart station. this was the scene in the parking lot where the shooting happened. police received reports of the shooting just before 7:00 last night and the victim was transported to john muir medical center with life- threatening injuries that needed surgery. police said not yet located the gunmen and service was stopped last night for about 45 minutes as officers made sure the shooter was not getting away on a bart train. bart trains were also held in concord after reports of a man with a gun at the station. police activity caused major delays last night on the pittsburg a point line in both the sampras is go and pittsburg directions. these reports are related to the earlier shooting at the pittsburg station and service expected to rent regularly today. >> three officers are her every gunman opened fire overnight inside their headquarters near philadelphia. it happened in camden county. three officers were hospitalized one of them suffered a gunshot wound and no word on what happens i th
and the other two bart officers involved in the incident should not be over turned. a judge ruled in 2011 that bart can't be held responsible for the shooting death. it happened at the bart station. the judge ruled a $50 million lawsuit against the former police officers should be decided in a jury trial. >>> tonight three firefighters are recovering from injuries they suffered while responding to a traffic accident in the east bay yesterday. these three firefighters were hurt on rain soaked highway 24. kronwe have the video from the seen and the lates on the -- latest on their conditions. >> reporter: three firefighters were seriously hurt after a chain reaction accident on highway 24. they found themselves soaked and suffering as they tried to save someone else. >> they are in good spirits. >> reporter: he is staying close to their h. beds. he -- their hospital beds. the three firefighters were on the shoulder of the highway near the exit dealing with a traffic accident when another car going fast on the slick road lost control, hit their fire truck and rolled over them. the chief says
of the fast track improvements. we're going to be working with sfmta and bart and focusing on coordination and coordination around the balboa park project. >> i want to make sure. i appreciate that role t.a. can play. that coordination between mta and bart can be stronger. working together, we can help reach that coordination. >> absolutely. that was my next point. the first balboa advisory committee meeting should be in january. they are just finalizing the details. you'll be seeing that here in the prop a request. the southwest portion of the plaza is moving toward, i believe they're at 100% designing. i believe that starts in february. this project scores well but it doesn't have that complete street corridor wide element. we'll be holding on to the project scored in the middle here and working with bart and finding some other funding strategy for this one as well. the final slide, the next four months, doing project development, public outreach, updating cost assessment and doing detail engineering. february and march coming back to give updates. april all of this building into getting
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